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Our Company

The story of Favre + Mor SA

Favre + F. Mor SA is a heating company, created by Felix Favre and Franco Mor, in 1981 in Lausanne. After Mr. Favre’s well-deserved retirement in 1998, he passed the torch to Mr. Michel Bochud, going forward.

The 14th November 2000, the company renamed to its name we know today: Favre + Mor SA.

Since the 1st of July 2015, the new board of directors is composed of Mr. Olivier Schlienger and Mr. Antonio Alves-Zwahlen.

Company's management

Olivier Schlienger

is directing the producing sector. Along with his team, which can vary between 6 and 10 workers, they are all taking care of the small and larger construction projects. Also, thanks to his experience, he can advise the customer service department.

Antonio Alves-Zwahlen

is directing the administrative sector. His staff consists of the secretary, the accounting department and also the technical office. Together, they arrange the customer’s interventions with the help of his technical team.